A simple, lightweight distribution for 32-bit CPUs

You've reached the website for Arch Linux 32, the community maintained continuation of 32-bit support for Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

Currently we have official packages optimized for the i686 and pentium4 architectures. Also most(ly) non-graphical packages are available for i486, too. Have a look at the required cpu flags to decide which architecture is the right one for you. Most packages from Arch Linux's community-operated package repository are also compatible with Arch Linux 32.

Instructions for the transition from Arch Linux to Arch Linux 32 can be found here.

Installation media which boot on x86_64 and i686 can be found here.

Join us on #archlinux32 IRC channel on Freenode, check out our forums or subscribe to the mailing list to get your feet wet. Also glance through the Arch Wiki if you want to learn more about upstream Arch.

Latest News

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Manual pages indexing service


We are happy to announce our newest public service: A manual pages indexing site at man.archlinux.org that publishes the man pages of all our packages and allows you to search and browse them. Check out, for example, the man page of tar.

You can also find this service linked to in the sidebar as well as on every package detail page. Thanks to Wiki Admin lahwaacz for developing archmanweb for this purpose.

While there are other man page indexing sites out there, it is our hope that publishing man pages matching the versions of our released packages further improves Arch accessibility and documentation.

Arch Linux mailing list id changes


Due to issues with our anti spam measures, we had to migrate those mailing lists, that were sent from @archlinux.org before to the @lists.archlinux.org domain.

Submission to the mailing list is not affected and still works with @archlinux.org. Mails get redirected automagically.

The only change that may need to be considered on your side are filters and rules matching the From or List-id header which changed accordingly.

dhcpcd may(?) fail to get ipv4 address


It seems, that dhcpcd has trouble, getting an ipv4 address.
This issue is reproducible for me on all my archlinux32 machines (be it virtual or bare metal), as well as all (or at least almost all) my raspberries running archlinux arm.
dhclient works fine, though.
In case it matters: The dhcp servers in the affected networks are qemu's internal dhcp server and dhcpd (from the dhcp package) running on i486 archlinux32.

See also upstream:
- https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/68515
- https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/68514

plasma-workspace needs manual intervention


plasma-workspace- cannot be installed with:

plasma-workspace: /usr/share/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/kfontinst.mo exists in filesystem (owned by plasma-desktop)
plasma-workspace: /usr/share/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/krdb.mo exists in filesystem (owned by plasma-desktop)
plasma-workspace: /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.kde.fontinst.policy exists in filesystem (owned by plasma-desktop)

use this to overwrite those duplicate files:

pacman -Sy --overwrite='*' plasma-workspace

Older News

Accessible installation medium
libtraceevent>=5.9-1 update requires manual intervention
nvidia 455.28 is incompatible with linux >= 5.9
ghostpcl>=9.53.2-2 and ghostxps>=9.53.2-2 updates require manual intervention
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zn_poly 0.9.2-2 update requires manual intervention
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libreadline was moved too early
icu broken
glibc 2.28

Recent Updates (more)

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certbot-dns-cloudxns 1.11.0-1.0 pentium4
pdfarranger 1.6.2-2.0 pentium4
cclive 0.9.3-23.0 pentium4
python-google-api-core 1.25.0-1.0 pentium4
adriconf 2.4-3.0 pentium4
pdfarranger 1.6.2-2.0 i686
bcc 0.18.0-1.1 i686
python-bcc 0.18.0-1.1 i686
mame 0.227-1.0 i686
bcc-tools 0.18.0-1.1 i686
certbot-dns-cloudxns 1.11.0-1.0 i686
python-google-api-core 1.25.0-1.0 i686
certbot-dns-cloudxns 1.11.0-1.0 i486
python-google-api-core 1.25.0-1.0 i486
ccache 4.1-1.0 pentium4