Pacman Mirrorlist Generator

This page generates the most up-to-date mirrorlist possible for Arch Linux 32. The data used here comes straight from the developers' internal mirror database used to track mirror availability and tiering. There are two main options: get a mirrorlist with every available mirror, or get a mirrorlist tailored to your geography.

Mirrorlist with all available mirrors

An up-to-date mirrorlist is available containing all currently active mirrors, optionally filtering by protocol. These URLs requires no GET or POST parameters so they can be fetched from the command line if desired.

Customized by country mirrorlist

The following form can generate a custom up-to-date pacman mirrorlist based on geography and desired protocol(s). Simply replace the contents of /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist with your generated list. Additionally, the mirror status data can be incorporated into the generated mirror list and used to only list up to date mirrors.