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A simple, lightweight distribution for 32-bit CPUs

You've reached the website for Arch Linux 32, the community maintained continuation of 32-bit support for Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

Currently we have official packages optimized for the i686 and pentium4 architectures. Also most(ly) non-graphical packages are available for i486, too. Have a look at the required cpu flags to decide which architecture is the right one for you. Most packages from Arch Linux's community-operated package repository are also compatible with Arch Linux 32.

Instructions for the transition from Arch Linux to Arch Linux 32 can be found here.

Installation media which boot on i686 can be found here.

Join us on #archlinux32 IRC channel on Libera, check out our forums or subscribe to the mailing list to get your feet wet. Also glance through the Arch Wiki if you want to learn more about upstream Arch.

Latest News

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wxWidgets 3.2 update may need manual intervention


wxWidgets 3.2 provides a Qt frontend in addition to the GTK3 one, so packages have been renamed from wxgtk- to wxwidgets-. The GTK2 frontend is no longer provided. If you have wxgtk2 installed, the upgrade will fail with

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: removing wxgtk-common breaks dependency 'wxgtk-common' required by wxgtk2

In such case, uninstall wxgtk2 first and then proceed with the upgrade.

CA certificates file is empty


This affects pacman updates from HTTPS mirrors and basically any other SSL request.

Update to the newest p11-kit package (0.24.1-1.0) and excute `update-ca-trust` as root
(if your CA certificate file `/etc/ca-certificates/extracted/tls-ca-bundle.pem` is empty).

Undone replacement of pipewire-media-session with wireplumber


Two days ago the wireplumber package was made to replace pipewire-media-session as the latter session manager for PipeWire is considered dead upstream and will see no more releases. Unfortunately, this step was premature.

Our pipewire audio packages (pipewire-alsa, pipewire-jack and pipewire-pulse) ship configuration that prompt media-session to activate PipeWire's audio features. When these packages are not installed and the configuration is missing, PipeWire can be used for screen recording without interfering with ALSA or PulseAudio.

WirePlumber disregards this mechanism and always configures PipeWire to grab audio devices, meaning users of PulseAudio or bare ALSA experience broken audio.

The replacement has been reverted while we attempt to look for a better solution switching to WirePlumber. If you are currently not using PipeWire for audio and wireplumber got installed on your system, please reinstall pipewire-media-session and reboot to restore audio functionality.

pacman -Syu pipewire-media-session

QEMU >= 7.0.0 changes split package setup


With the update to qemu 7.0.0 the package has been turned into a more fine grained split package utilizing meta packages.

  • The qemu package is now virtually provided by the meta packages qemu-base, qemu-desktop and qemu-full.
  • The functionality of qemu prior to 7.0.0 is replaced by qemu-desktop
  • The functionality of qemu-headless is replaced by qemu-base
  • The functionality of qemu-arch-extra and qemu-headless-arch-extra is replaced by qemu-emulators-full
  • The meta package qemu-full provides all QEMU related packages (excluding qemu-guest-agent)

Older News

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Update to glibc 2.31 works now, but requires libseccomp 2.4.1-4.0
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Recent Updates (more)

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robin-map 1.0.1-1.0 i486
corectrl 1.2.7-1.0 i686
msmtp-mta 1.8.22-1.0 i686
tllist 1.1.0-1.0 i686
python-home-assistant-bluetooth 1.4.0-1.0 i686
python-pygame-sdl2 1:2.1.0.r411.7f814e9-2.0 i686
just 1.4.0-1.0 i686
ufw-extras 0.7.0-3.0 i686
reactphysics3d 0.9.0-1.0 i686
python-crashtest 0.4.0-1.0 i686
python-aws-sam-translator 1.49.0-1.0 i686
msmtp 1.8.22-1.0 i686
home-assistant 1:2022.8.2-1.0 i686
ffnvcodec-headers8.1 i686
python-shellingham 1.5.0-1.0 i686