Mirror Status

This page reports the status of all known, public, and active ArchLinux32 mirrors. All data on this page reflects the status of the mirrors within the last 86400 seconds. All listed times are UTC. The check script runs on a regular basis and polls for the lastsync file in the root of our repository layout. This file is regularly updated on the central repository, so checking the value within allows one to see if the mirror has synced recently. This page contains several pieces of information about each mirror.

The last mirror check ran at 2024-07-25T15:06:40.000Z UTC. Checks have ran 48 times in the last 86400 seconds at an average interval of 1800 seconds.

This data is also available in JSON or TSV format. The units of all time/duration values are in seconds; date/time values are UTC.

Successfully Syncing Mirrors

Mirror URL Protocol Country Completion Delay Last Sync
http://de.mirror.archlinux32.org/ http Germany 1 0.010734953703704 2024-07-25T16:30:13Z
http://mirror.archlinux32.org/ http Germany 1 0.010734953703704 2024-07-25T16:30:13Z
https://de.mirror.archlinux32.org/ https Germany 1 0.010734953703704 2024-07-25T16:30:13Z
https://mirror.archlinux32.org/ https Germany 1 0.010734953703704 2024-07-25T16:30:13Z
http://archlinux32.agoctrl.org/ http France 1 0.68017361111111 2024-07-25T15:34:09Z
http://mirror.datacenter.by/pub/archlinux32/ http Belarus 1 1.9098958333333 2024-07-25T15:43:41Z
https://archlinux32.agoctrl.org/ https France 1 0.68017361111111 2024-07-25T15:34:09Z
https://mirror.datacenter.by/pub/archlinux32/ https Belarus 1 1.9098958333333 2024-07-25T15:43:41Z
https://mirror.qctronics.com/arch32/ https Canada 1 0.36951388888889 2024-07-25T15:59:19Z
http://mirror.juniorjpdj.pl/archlinux32/ http Poland 1 0.016388888888889 2024-07-25T16:29:43Z
http://arch86.takehiko.pl/ http Poland 1 2.9183333333333 2024-07-25T13:50:17Z
https://mirror.juniorjpdj.pl/archlinux32/ https Poland 1 0.016388888888889 2024-07-25T16:29:43Z
http://gr.mirror.archlinux32.org/ http Greece 1 0.49840277777778 2024-07-25T16:05:48Z
https://arch86.takehiko.pl/ https Poland 1 2.9183333333333 2024-07-25T13:50:17Z
http://mirror.yandex.ru/archlinux32/ http Russia 1 0.66789930555556 2024-07-25T15:30:54Z
https://mirror.yandex.ru/archlinux32/ https Russia 1 0.64621527777778 2024-07-25T15:30:54Z
http://archlinux32.andreasbaumann.cc/ http Switzerland 1 0.034375 2024-07-25T16:29:43Z
https://archlinux32.andreasbaumann.cc/ https Switzerland 1 0.034375 2024-07-25T16:29:43Z
http://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/archlinux32/ http United States 1 0.65143518518519 2024-07-25T16:06:51Z
http://mirror.clarkson.edu/archlinux32/ http United States 1 3.1385474537037 2024-07-25T14:01:17Z
https://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/archlinux32/ https United States 1 0.65143518518519 2024-07-25T16:06:51Z
https://mirror.clarkson.edu/archlinux32/ https United States 1 3.1385474537037 2024-07-25T14:01:17Z
https://32.arlm.tyzoid.com/ https United States 1 0.01677662037037 2024-07-25T16:29:43Z
http://mirror.archlinux32.oss/ http Germany 1 -0.025896990740741 2024-07-25T16:31:23Z